We are a rapidly growing family business whose traditions date back to 1990s. At that time we started producing decorative sheepskins and we have been doing this till today.

Our company's experience in producing decorative skins is the best guarantee of high-quality products. We try to combine tanning traditions with modern technologies and design. In order to meet our clients' needs, we constantly implement new and unique products onto the market and we adjust to current trends. However, we do not forget about what made us special at the beginning of our activity: aesthetic workmanship and attention to the smallest details.

Our offer consists of traditional decorative leathers as well as cowhides and others. Additionally, we produce various kinds of bedspreads which are decorative carpets made of skins that require great craftsmanship.

Our unique products greatly emphasize the charm of every place. Lying on the floor in front of a fireplace, on the bed in the bedroom, or hanging on the wall in the living room, they make a very unique decoration and impart the right atmosphere to every room. They are a perfect decoration for every surface. Decorative leathers and cowhides are a perfect idea for a gift. They add a sense of beauty and class to interiors. We sell ready-made products and we realize individual orders and conduct wholesale.

We are open to cooperation with local and on-line stores in Poland and abroad. If you are interested please contact us via phone or e-mail.

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