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The sheepskin bicycle seat cover

Summer, sunny days are perfect for cycling trips. However, after a few hours of driving in an uncomfortable seat, we can feel unpleasant effects. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the saddle cover in advance, which will allow you to absorb movement and improve comfort while covering the next kilometers.

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Skandynawska Synergia

Wyroby z owczej skóry doceniane są na całym świecie. Głównie za sprawą właściwości leczniczych, hipoalergicznych, neutralizację szkodliwych substancji, a także zapobieganie kurzom i roztoczom. Dywany z owczej skóry, narzuty, akcesoria i dekoracje są również stylowym dodatkiem. Nadają wnętrzom niepowtarzalnego charakteru, wykorzystywane są często w sypialniach, pokojach dziennych oraz dziecięcych.

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Cow skin - unique accessories for your home.

Interior decoration is not as easy like everyone think. Often, details, additions and various types of accessories give uor rooms style and original character. A unique decoration on the floor will help you achieve this effect. Our solution? Original cow skin pattern and color. It's an accessory that fits perfectly in both modern style and in a rustic, natural, traditional atmosphere.

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Sheepskin Bedcover - new colors and patterns

An original solution for colder days. Sheepskin bedcovers have not only a decorative function, but also a practical one. Certainly, they will make winter evenings warmer and more cozy.

Natural sheepskins are the perfect interior decoration and accessories for your home. It is 100% hypoallergenic. Also suitable for babies and children. Sheepskin has natural thermoregulatory properties. This means that you can use it in summer and winter.

We have new colors and bedcover patterns that will be good as a decoration for your bed, a blanket on cooler days, as well as a carpet in the living room. Choose from: one-color bedcovers with long bristles, woven bedcovers, multi-shade bedcovers, and Iceland sheepskins. The wide range of colors allows you to choose a bedspread that matches the style of Your bedroom, living room or children's room. Ideally suited as a gift.

Skór-Pol sheepskin bedcovers are very easy to clean. Just beat or vacuum them - sheepskin must not be treated with chemicals (unless we use specially designed preparations). A clean, neat bedcover maintains softness and color intensity for longer.

A sheepskin bedcover will definitely catch your guests' eyes. This is an unusual solution that can complement Your arrangement, give it elegance, class and style. Our pastel color bedcovers perfectly match the Scandinavian style, which is the most fashionable this year.

Sheepskin bedcover will decorate your bed, sofa or armchair, add a cozy elegance to any room. The whole family can wrap themselves in one bedcover, for example, watching a movie together on a winter evening.

We offer bedcovers with different designs - sheepskin and even softer rabbit skin. They are available in three sizes: 110x210cm, 160x200cm and 200x220cm. A wide range of colors makes it easy to find a bedcover that matches any decor and style.

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Decorative sheep for your home

Decorating your home is a challenge. It stimulates creativity and, on the other, requires some restraint. Decorations should match the entire interior. This does not mean; however, they have to be cliched and boring. They can be unique and interesting - like ... fashionable decorative sheep!

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