Interior decoration is not as easy like everyone think. Often, details, additions and various types of accessories give uor rooms style and original character. A unique decoration on the floor will help you achieve this effect. Our solution? Original cow skin pattern and color. It's an accessory that fits perfectly in both modern style and in a rustic, natural, traditional atmosphere.

In the Skór-Pol offer you will find cow skins with a unique appearance. There are no 2 identical cow skins (note the information on each product). They are characterized by extraordinary durability. This is an add-on, which you can use for many years, provided that:

  • you will not wash cow skin, bleach, dry in the washer dryer, iron
  • you will vacuum it regularly (always use a standard floor attachment, never a revolving one), beat and turn the skin of the cow
  • you'll remove dry stains quickly by wiping the stained area inside
  • you will not wipe wet stains. Use paper towels that absorb moisture, and cloths with a mild detergent.

Cow skin is very practical accessories for your house.

You can use it as a wall decoration, put it next to the fireplace or just in your favorite place.

Cow skin, thanks to modern designs, is becoming more and more popular.

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It is characterized by short, shiny bristles, as well as exceptional durability and resistance to damage.

In our offer you will find many unique models: the shimmering gold and silver cow skin makes a sensation! And also cow skin with natural coloring and stylized to other animals - zebra, cheetah.

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